Pasargad Ceramic & Tiles Group started its activity in 2007 as the first specialized brand in the field of production, distribution, design and execution of various types of ceramic tiles. Pasargad brand using the latest world design with the participation of Italian TusiLap Design Company and using the best raw materials and applying the technical knowledge of domestic and foreign experts with the aim of producing high quality products, along with innovation and beautification and in accordance with the designers’ tastes Has been able to provide a comprehensive and diverse product portfolio in terms of size, design, color, etc., which has resulted in providing services in many large and prominent projects inside and outside the country. Also, the wide production space of Pasargad Group has provided the possibility of offering products in high variety and in different types, which has caused the dynamism and capability of this group in supplying ceramic tiles in the country. In this regard, in addition to the extensive sales and agency network in the country, it has entered the international arena of exports and opened agencies in Asian and European countries.


As a leader in innovation, design, manufacture and distribution of walls and floors ceramic products, we strive to provide modern designs with unparalleled beauty and elegance, unparalleled quality, superior technology and reliable customer service. Be in the industry. . Pasargad Industrial Group, through a dynamic company and independent distribution network, will continue to be the selected supplier in its core product categories, anticipating and providing inspiring and advanced solutions to the needs of an evolving market.